Studios. OUTO recordings has two rather cosy studios of its’ very own in Helsinki Finland – OUTO Studio 1, recently moved from Meilahti to a bigger space in Pohjois-Haaga, and OUTO Studio 2 at Pitäjänmäki. OUTO Studio 1 is the headquarters, a place designed especially for mixing and post-production. OUTO Studio 2 is used for engineering live instruments. Take a closer look of what we are using to make the magic happen:

OUTO Studio 1
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Clavia Nord Micro Modular
Yamaha A5000 expanded
Rhodes MK-80 digital piano
Korg NS5R
Lexicon MPX100
TC Electronics M300
Samson S-Phone
Evolution MIDI Keyboards
B2031 Truth active monitors
STAudio DSP2000 10 I/O
BCF2000 MIDI Controller
Rack-installed P4 PC running Sonar 6 Producer w/VSampler3
On lease:
Aphex Aural Exciter
Tech 21 SansAmp

OUTO Studio 2
Alesis DM5
TFPro P3
MOTU 828 MkII Firewire 20 I/O
Acer Travelmate 803 running Sonar 6 Producer w/VSampler3
Shure and Rode Microphones
Behringer Monitor Mixing Consoles

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