Orson. The already-cult electronica band Orson debuted with its’ phenomenal EP
My first Orson released in early ’03. Besides the core members – and also the men behing OUTOrec – Jukka Outinen and Pekka Toivonen, many features contribute to this act. Be prepared for some new material in the near future.

Meleerattu Harmaas. Located in the uphills of Belleville in Paris, this scary duo, defining their stuff with such words as
terror and psycho, has been working on their first release since last november. LP Grays of Our Lives out 25th of February. Check out their own website

Xavier Sample. There are not that many interesting concepts going on in the genre of dance music… So Xavier has a lot to show. This almost insanely ice-cold DJ/producer was born in the heat of Madrid, now basecamping in Paris, combines his mixed grounds with mad skills. We’re all eagerly waiting for his neat’n fresh

Gary For Your Ilves. You would think that combining weird drum lines with melodies made out of electronic noise isn’t quite enough to get the action happening. Meet Outinen’s solo project and think again. Release coming up.

Find out what’s already out from these talents at Catalogue.